Improv Games - Supplement 1
New Game Monday becomes New Game Sunday
New Improv Game Monday becomes New Improv Game Sunday

Thanks to everyone who sent in games making NEW GAME MONDAY so successful.  We've have hundreds of visitors from all over the world check us out every week.

So I'm moving the publication of the new games over to Sunday morning.

Starting next Sunday April 11th we will put the old games into the resource section and start with a fresh bunch of New Improv Games, exercises and formats.

Thanks to everyone who sent them in...if you'll keep sending them...I'll keep putting them up here for the world to try.

Your suppport means a lot to please tell your friends about this site, sign up for the mailing list and tell your local improv group about the Playbook.  It's a great resource.

William Hal
San Francisco, CA

Audience Text
Audience Text

Ask an audience member for their mobile phone.  Open up their texting app (or section).

One player uses the texts from the phone as his or her lines of dialogue during the scene.

The other players improvise their dialogue and justify the text lines.

Notes:  Similar to Playbook (which is already listed in The Improv Playbook available on this web site).

These are text messages that have already been sent and are in the text logs on the phone.

This games comes to us from Kimberley McLean of BATS Improv.  It was first performed by Kim, Corey Rosen and Zoe Galvez on February 20, 2010.

[Published April 11, 2010]

Yes you can with your buddies.
You Idiot!

You Idiot!

Players line up on stage.  The players ask the audience for an occupation.  A host takes an object that the cast has never seen before and hands it to one of the players.  The player explains to the audience what it is and how it's used in that profession. 

Another player interrups by saying, "no you idiot" (or something similar) and that players takes the object and tells the audience what it actually is. 

This repeats a few times until the audience response indicates it's time for a new object. 

This continues until all the objects have been used. 

Note:  This game was created by Keith Hanshaw  the producer of an improv group in Harrisburg, PA called
Don't Break The Streak

In the example that Keith sent me they used 6 objects.

Look at a video of the game as performed by Don't Break The Streak in the Video Section of this site.

[Published March 29, 2010]
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Liars Auction
Liars Auction

Players line up on stage.  Each player has an object that they've never seen before.  The audience suggests an occupation. 

Each player steps forward and explains what the item is and how it relates to the occupation.  The audience (and other cast members) ask them questions about the object.

Note:  This game was created by Keith Hanshaw and is based on the 1976-77 TV Game Show "Liars Club".    Keith is the producer of an improv group in Harrisburg, PA called Don't Break The Streak

[Published March 22, 2010]
William Hall

Look at a video of the game as performed by Don't Break The Streak in the Video Section of this site.

Who can you

Pillars- Faces

Two audience volunteers come to the stage.  One stands down stage right and the other down stage left. 

The players improvise a scene and from time to time they walk over to one of the audience volunteers and touch the volunteer, at which time the audience volunteer makes a face.  The player must copy the volunteer's facial expression and justify the change in emotion as the scene moves forward.

            I saw this game for the first time on the BATS Improv stage during a Theatresports(tm) match.  It was played by Rebecca Stockley, Corey Rosen, Kimberly McLean and Zoe Galvez.

The game is named after the game Pillars (which is listed in The Playbook...which is an excellent value at only $12 bucks)

[Published: March 15, 2010]
William Hall

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